Word of mouth is the best vehicle for marketing your business. Have you ever chosen a hairstylist, doctor, or local restaurant based solely on a personal recommendation? Most likely – because 90% of people believe a business recommendation from a friend! It’s possible you skipped reading any online reviews or visiting the website, except maybe to get directions or make a reservation. 

How does word of mouth extend beyond your inner circle to reach that new family in town? The mom is looking for a nail salon, a pediatrician for her kids, and a dentist for the whole family. Chances are she’s searching online (and scouring the Interwebs to find what she is looking for).  

She Googles to help her find what she needs, reads reviews on Yelp, and poses questions for a personal recommendation in a local Facebook mom’s group. In between social media searches and school drop-off, she grabs a much-needed espresso, and it’s at that local coffee shop she notices the barista’s well-manicured nails and asks where she gets them done. Personal recommendations validated with a well-branded online presence that answers questions your potential clients are asking, or looking for, produces traction for your business and attraction from your target audience.  

As you grow and expand, your circle does too, but people often need to be equipped with sharing your business. Displaying stories about who you are with an online presence that the seeker will easily find will help determine you’re as legit as the barista says. 


Use Word of Mouth with you Brand

Here are some tips to increase your online brand to help those word of mouth referrals start rolling:

  • Photograph your work or service on Instagram, creating a pleasing feed of photos and carousels in your feed of well-edited and filtered pictures that are authentic to who you are and what you offer. Using editing tools like Canva are great for even a novice to edit, size, and brand visual content.  
  • Answer questions people seek, without making them search high and low, like presenting your business hours, phone and contact information everywhere you can be found. SEO optimization helps you become easy to find on Google and other popular search engines. 
  • Find out who is engaging with you online and develop a relationship with them. Plug-ins on your website or a contact form on your Instagram business profile can help build your email list to immediately connect and engage your audience
  • Post-2020, people are no longer looking just for friendly businesses or places to visit; they’re looking for a friend. Most people want to know they belong and are in the right place that aligns with their lifestyle and values 

Branding your business goes beyond the look and aesthetic of your logo and webpage but connects to your target audience at their personal, core values. Share who you are and your community of customers to help those seeking you out identify with you, your company, mission, and vision.  

Connect with our team to identify where your brand can break through beyond your current circle! Let us help you reach further into your community and to those who are looking for you!   

Cool, see you later

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