Do you remember that thing called the Yellow Pages?

Yes, that big, yellow print directory that used to list all the telephone numbers of residents and local businesses for you to skim through before finally finding what you were looking for?

This directory used to be the lifeline for not just business owners looking to advertise their services in their local market but also for consumers looking to fulfill their needs.

It’s true that they still have their online version running strong, but most aren’t using their website to find the mechanic or dentist. We know that 82% of mobile shoppers conduct a ‘near me’ search on Google or other search engines to determine where to go.

With the rise in online business listings most consumers refer to them before starting their buying journey. Therefore, businesses must ensure that their local listings are accurate and updated..

The concept of local listing management is crucial now more than ever!


What are Business Listings?

Local listing management is the process of constantly checking and updating the information about your business’s information on online directories.

In addition to some online business directories like Google, Yelp, and Yahoo, your business information should be up-to-date on popular public-facing platforms such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.

It’s not just brick-and-mortar and multi-location businesses that need to communicate their physical address and store hours with consumers. Even the businesses that are entirely online need to manage their listings.

A large majority of consumers today will search for your business using their phones, and Google is the first thing that comes to mind.

Therefore, along with updating everything to ensure that the information is accurate everywhere, one must also be fast to update since millions of searches take place every day.


Why are Listings Important?

Listing management is vital because the internet is where consumers research, shortlist, and finalize a business they want to interact with.

About 95% of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on the reviews they read online about a product or a service. In addition to that, surrounding information about a business, like store hours and address are equally important.


Improve Visibility

Improving your brand’s visibility is one of the most important reasons to get on board the local listing management bandwagon as soon as possible.

The more online directories your business lists itself on, the higher the probability of a customer finding you. The next time you do a Google search about ‘restaurants near me,’ try mapping your journey through the lens of a local business.

Customers are more likely to visit a store that they have just found online within a day of their search on the internet. In fact, according to statistics from Google, the number of consumers who follow that same practice through their mobile phones is 50%.

Listing management is crucial to drive up revenue.


Increase traffic

You can increase consumer traffic to your website by incorporating the best local listing management practices.

Imagine that you’re a consumer who has just conducted an online search for ‘chiropractors near me’. You come come across two listings online. While one of them has all information fully updated, the other inconsistent. Consumers are more inclined to chose the complete listing…

Furthermore, along with increasing online traffic to your website, maintaining impeccable listings standards also increases physical customers.


Save Time

Let’s say you create a spreadsheet that consists of all the different directories out there. Keeping track of your information and updating that sheet regularly would be nothing short of climbing Mount Everest.

While it’s not impossible, it surely will take a lot of time and effort. If you work to maintain your individual listings yourself, keep in mind is that these sites reference each other’s data. Third parties can even alter your listings without your permission in some cases.

The worst part is that inconsistent listings make you less attractive to Google. Nearly 90% of consumers search online for businesses before visiting a physical location. You could be losing customers because of old or not updated information.

We have the solution for you that allows you to control dozens of your listings from one centralized dashboard. Our tool continually monitors your listings for accuracy and re-establishes the correct info if anything changes.

Use Listingsync to keep all of your business details up to date whenever you make a change. You can even generate locations in several navigation systems, including the factory systems of the top auto manufacturers.

These features work to ensure your business listings stay up to date with plenty of accurate listings making it easier for consumers to find your business.


Search Engine Optimization

What’s the secret behind getting that coveted top spot on Google? While there is no direct answer to that question, search engines prefer to list those businesses on top that provide consumers with the best search experience

Having current and accurate business listings drastically improves the chances of your business showing up on top.

Since 46% of all internet searches are for local businesses…is your local business information accurate? Let’s chat today to find the best solution to manage your listings!

Cool, see you later

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