With the recent shortage of jobs and a low unemployment rate, many companies are struggling to find qualified talent. Hiring is an expensive process that can take months to fill a position, so it’s important for businesses to use every resource available to them. Digital marketing is one of those resources that can help attract talent by targeting specific groups of people with your message!  

Before building a digital recruitment strategy, assess your digital content for brand consistency and reputation management for potential employees to easily find you and review your culture and climate to determine a good fit for your organization.   

Here are some tips for building a robust digital recruitment strategy specific to your organization:  


Attract Talent with Social Media

Use social media channels and websites to post job listings, input data into applicant tracking systems, and distribute content related to open positions. A social media profile dedicated to recruiting talent can help potential talent find you and interact with you as a tool to screen and help identify if you are a fit for each other.   


Refine your messaging and content on your website and social media to engage with the specific and ideal candidate that you’re seeking. What you communicate and how you share information, videos, stories of current employees, and work-life balance should appeal to the specific demographic you are targeting for your position.  

Keep your recruiting content relevant by considering the demographic’s ideal work environment, income, lifestyle, and online presence. How you appeal to a Millennial parent of young children may differ from recruiting a semi-retired Baby Boomer. Who is the ideal person that you want to engage with? Craft your message to them.  

Refine SEO

Spend some time (and potentially resources) on SEO, search engine optimization of your website, specifically with keywords and phrases that your potential recruits are using to find you, or a career opportunity like yours. Increased SEO means your business and job opportunities will land at the top of these searches.  

Digital Advertising for Talent

Paid digital advertising is a way to place digital ads in search engine results of those looking for what you have to offer and appeal to your target audience. Your messaging will reach new recruits and get your opportunity out there like never before.  

Collect Data on Talent

Lastly, track progress and the success of digital recruiting through metrics, such as unique visitors to your website or the number of applications you receive per month for each job listing. Set up these analytics so that everyone is on the same page about what’s working (and not) in attracting talent, especially to help your organization be agile in trying new strategies to recruit quality talent.   

Having a digital recruitment strategy can help you find talented candidates interested in applying online, which saves time during hiring processes. It can also help you spark a connection and conversation before the hiring process to save time and resources to attract the best talent and best fit for your business.  


New to digital recruitment? We want to be a part of the team that helps you build your best team! Specifically, we can be a part of building your brand, creating site and social content, digital advertising, SEO, and analytics. Whatever you have need for, we have a solution to help you GROW! Contact us today to get started on the right foot! 

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