How often do you review your Google Business Profile? If the answer is “never,” then you’re missing out! When people are looking for a company like yours, they go to Google and type in keywords related to what they need.

A good Google Business Profile will appear at higher in search results and can help generate more traffic to your website. This blog post will show you how to create an effective page that will increase your conversion rates with little effort from you. 


Create an excellent first impression on Google

The first thing people notice about your Google Business Profile is the image, so make sure it’s professional and clear enough for potential customers to see. Use an image that represents your business well because this will be what they initially see when searching. This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses use images that don’t show what kind of company they are! Build your online presence


Fill out all relevant Google Business Profile details

You should also include some text which describes your business as briefly as possible – remember, people want quick information! Your key phrases can go here if appropriate, too, e.g., “Hairstylists in Colorado Springs.” It sounds redundant, but we’ve seen time and time again how important it is to fill out all the correct information about your business. Customers are 2.7x more likely to consider a business reputable if they see a complete listing on Google Search and Maps. 


The most important of these details are:  
  • Address & Phone Number – you can see why this one’s so crucial; people want to know where they’re going!  
  • Business Hours – if someone wants an emergency hair color on a Sunday afternoon, then they need to be able to find out that your salon doesn’t open until Monday morning.
  • Website – your potential customers are 38% more likely to visit for site and 29% more likely to consider purchasing from your businesses with more complete listing information!  

According to Google, 70% of online customers buy from a business they find online. When customers look up a business on Google, they expect to find accurate information and beautiful images. This service is just perfect for that! 

Google will use this data for searches and rank your page higher than other companies if your profile:

  • Has complete and accurate profile information
  • Highlights products and services
  • Contains posts with updates, sales, and/or company information

The average Google listing that has been well-maintained with Google Business Profile gets 5X more views than listings which their owners haven’t claimed. 

When creating your profile, make sure it follows “Google Business Profile” guidelines. There are specific requirements that must be met for Google to accept your page. For example, service based business are verified differently than business with retail locations.

Need help to get it done it right? Contact our team that is here for you! We’ll meet you right where you’re at and help you create an outstanding listing!   

Cool, see you later

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