When we’re generous with each other, we draw closer to each other, and that creates community.

Have you ever had a neighbor ask to borrow a ladder, a leaf blower, or a cup of sugar? What if they actually didn’t need to borrow any of those things? They just used it as a way to build a bridge of relationship? When someone borrows something from you, does it create a feeling that you’re needed? That can be a good feeling because there’s a connection between generosity and community! 

In other words, whatever you put your time, money, and energy into is what’s going to attract you and attract to you. Any time you’re generous with your customers, a bridge of connection is established. In a digital space, across social media, blog, and email campaigns, this looks like sharing tips and tricks, trade “secrets,” and how-to tutorials on your communication channels.

LMNT, a small business in the health supplement space, actually shares the exact recipe on their website to make their product at home for a fraction of the cost. Because their mission is to help others improve health and performance, their messaging is not solely on selling their products but also connecting to their audience and helping each individual on their health journey. They have a relational community that buys their products because of quality, convenience, and connectedness. 

The community you create and nurture that loves your products or services is likely to stay connected because of your generosity.  Generosity creates community! 

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