By now, we hope you’ve already read our blog on how to dominate with digital ads (if not, you should!). While there are numerous forms digital content can come in (we cover that in the aforementioned post), there are six types of digital advertising to consider.


1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

These are the ads that appear in search engine results. Typically, in a text format, these ads are generally used to increase the visibility of your website. SEM is alternatively called paid search of Pay Per Click (PPC). With the increase in consumer online searched, SEM increases a businesses reach.


2. Display

These ads are seen within or alongside content on a website. Typically, in a text and/or image format, these can also be seen in apps or on devices. Think about a time you search for a company and visited their website. Next thing you know, you’re seeing ads for that company on other sites! Those are display ads based on a targeting.


3. Social Media

These ads appear on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Depending on the platform requirements, these can be text, video, image, or audio format. These kinds of ads are a quick way to connect with an audience. With the ability for viewers to interact with your content through reactions and comments, social opens the door for increased brand exposure.


4. Streaming Media

These ads appear in streaming media and are solely internet delivered. In a video format, these are the ads you see while binging your favorite shows or streaming content. Ad-supported streaming services are growing in popularity as more consumers “cut the cord” from cable or traditional TV providers.


5. Online Video

These ads appear in the same places as display ads with the advantage of also being able to be appear before, during or after other video content. As stated in the name, these are in a video format.


Lots of great info, right? But which of the six types is right for you and where do you start…


  1. Budget – What is a realistic spend for your business. While overall marketing budget varies based on your specific business,
  2. Targeting – Take a moment to consider your business’s typical and ideal customers. How and where are they searching for businesses like yours. What demographic do they fit?
  3. Ad Type – Social ads on Instagram, you’ll need images. Audio advertising through your favorite and relevant podcast, you’ll need audio


When considering what advertising is right for your business, review these six types to identify those that have the best reach to your potential client base. If you’re looking for an agency to do the heavy lifting…CLICK HERE.

Cool, see you later

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