Your website is your virtual storefront and, like with any brick and mortar business, you want to make sure your shop looks its best to attract customers and encourage them to buy. If your website is out of date, slow or difficult to navigate, you could be turning away potential revenue for your business!

Here are four tried and true ways to keep your website looking and running its best.


Keep things simple

Think of your website just as you would a physical store. When products are disorganized, cluttered, and not well displayed, customers will feel frustrated as they try and fail to search for the things they are looking for before leaving empty-handed. Customers expect that when they visit your website for the first time that it will be responsive, easy to navigate, and simple to make a purchase through.

Get rid of clutter from your site, such as large files, old textures, and broken pages, to speed up your website and attract new customers.


Mobile-friendly Website versions

Nowadays, customers expect to be able to search and find your site via their mobile device. People are always on the go, and if the service or product you offer cannot be found or easily accessed from their preferred device, they may look elsewhere for what they need.

Digital marketing and design agencies have the experience to get your website mobile-friendly, and optimized, to run both on WIFI and data.


Update your navigation

Your visitors want to be on your website for as little time as possible when they search for the information they need. Make the process of finding products, contact information, or promotions easy by updating your navigation and site template. Many businesses benefit from adding a landing page to their website where a customer can find an assortment of information and links to further details—all from one clean and organized page.

Use simple, appealing fonts and images to draw the eye to important information, or buttons that link exactly to what your visitors are commonly looking for.



Not only does an FAQ page help site visitors find valuable information about your products and services, but it boosts your search engine optimization (SEO) too! If you are not sure where to start with an FAQ, look up some common market-related questions on Google, and make sure you answer them on your site to boost your visitor traffic fast.

Building and maintaining a website sounds complicated, especially when you are going at it on your own. At Cight Solutions, we make the process simple. Check out our website services to learn how we can help your business get noticed online.

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