November 19th is International Women Entrepreneurs Day, a day to celebrate and advance the work of female business owners, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who have been running their own businesses since 1972. According to, the goal of this day is simple: to empower the 4 billion women on the planet and bring hope to 250 million girls living in poverty.

At Cight Solutions,¬†we want to take this opportunity to congratulate women entrepreneurs everywhere. It is not easy starting a business, but women are changing their communities with their vision and drive. Women are affecting lives and shaping futures with every single decision that they make – we commend each women entrepreneurs’ courage and tenacity.

According to Forbes, “women-owned businesses now employ more people than all of the Fortune 500 companies combined.” 41% of the workforce are women, and they control more than $20 trillion in annual spending. Needless to say, women are vital in today’s commerce and markets, from leading large corporations to independently running microbusinesses.

Digital marketing is a set of invaluable tools for building brand awareness and customer base, and there are plenty of ways that women entrepreneurs can use it to their advantage. It’s also an excellent way for women business owners to highlight aspects that make their companies unique from competitors in the industry.

Here are a few ways for women entrepreneurs to use digital marketing to their advantage:

Design with your brand in mind. The functionality of your website and e-commerce tools are vital, as well as the look, feel, and aesthetic of your landing page and subsequent pages. Consider your target consumer base when creating and designing web pages that represent your brand and are attractive to your audience.

Create a network. Create a network of individuals, companies, media, universities, and other organizations to foster connections and inspiration for women and girls worldwide. #ChooseWOMEN is a directory of women-owned and led businesses that support our mission of alleviating poverty by empowering, celebrating, and supporting women in business.

Attract the attention of new customers. Social media allows women to connect with other women worldwide and attract ideal customers, who are often women. Social media is inexpensive, and targeting your specific audience with digital ads can reach more people than traditional marketing tactics.

Connect with your customers. Encourage your followers and customers to stay up-to-date with you, receive tips, and be the first to know about upcoming sales by opting into your email list. Utilizing an affordable email service like Constant Contact, you’ll be able to organize your list of customers, communicate effectively, and tailor each email to your brand to create connection and trust with your customers. We have an amazing team of writers here at Cight Solutions that can assist you with creating and delivering vibrant and consistent email campaigns.

Share your story. More than 400 million people view blogs each month. Creating content that connects with your audience and cultivates trust can be easily accomplished by regularly publishing blogs. The pieces don’t need to be lengthy to allow your readers to get to know you, connect with your story, and desire to become a consumer of your brand and products. Writing blogs gives you content to share across social media, in email campaigns, and on your website, keeping your business current, fresh, and engaging.

The impact of women’s entrepreneurship and leadership is significant across the globe. Women are leading businesses and generating substantial profit. Yet, there is still room to grow and expand internationally. Sharing your women-owned business will inspire other women and girls to take the risk of going after their vision and dreams to impact communities and nations worldwide.

Cool, see you later

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