We’ve all heard the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and, even with all the vehicles to consume content that are available today, this phrase still rings true. Studies have shown content with imagery is viewed more often and grabs attention.

Consider this, if you were using an online recipe to try a new meal, would you be drawn to an online article with images of the ingredients or just step-by-step instructions with no imagery?

Looking for a more insight to support our stance? HubSpot put together a great list of 50 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2022.

Since most of the information humans process on a daily basis is visual, using impactful imagery is an easy way to:

  • Increase brand recognition and engagement
  • Create atmosphere and inspire emotional responses
  • Support SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts

There are many different types of images to choose from. Let’s check out some imagery types.


Imagery Types

First and foremost, keep in mind that human beings are drawn to images of other human beings. Studies have shown that image views increase when the content contains another human being. But what other type of images are there?

  • Branded imagery – helps consumers create associations between your company and the image content. For example, an image of a residential home with the home builder’s logo on the image will help the viewer associate the beautiful property with that specific company.
  • Landscape – eye catching. Think of a bustling city scape or a vast mountain range. Viewers will stop to consume such content as it is visually attractive
  • Active – motion can draw a viewer into your content. For example, take an image of a marathon runner in stride compared to an image of running shoes. Motion motivates engagement.
  • Emotional – viewers engage with images that evoke emotion. A family around a dinner table on a holiday is more likely to be viewed and clicking than just a photo of a beautifully set dinner table.

What ever image you choose, ensure it’s cohesive with your brand and the content it’s supporting.


Visuals Support SEO

Images also play an important role in SEO work and should be a critical component to your company’s website. Here are a few easy steps you can take to have your website images support your SEO efforts:

  • Alt text and captions built into image files on your website help search engines locate images relevant to user searches
  • Properly formatted images support positive page load speeds improving user experience
  • Well thought our background images create help create an atmosphere and give website visitors a feeling they then associate with your brand

Using imagery to engage with your audience is just one of many ways strategic digital marketing can help a business be found online and become a contender in their industry. At Cight Solutions, we breed contenders because we pay attention to each component of digital marketing. If you want to be a contender, we’re here when you’re ready.

Cool, see you later

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