Can investing in SEO increase your website traffic? The importance of having a digital presence online has never been greater than it is today, but with so many businesses competing for attention, how does one stand out from the crowd?

Getting your business ahead of the rest is all about understanding and mastering a few simple principles. These include optimizing your website to make it as user-friendly as possible and writing content that is both consistent and appealing. This is just a shortlist of the keys to getting more traffic to your site and converting visitors into buyers.

There is no easy solution to secure consistent web traffic. But with a series of tried and true methods, you can enable search engines to better notice you and help you connect with your customers. Here are some tips we have compiled to help you become an SEO champion.


What is SEO?

Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO involves fine-tuning your content to improve your ranking in search results, giving you a chance to attract more customers.

However, abusing or taking advantage of this algorithm can mark your business as misleading and lower your search rankings. By learning how to use SEO, you can dramatically increase traffic to your website and, as a result, create more sales opportunities.


Some SEO Best Practices to Drive Traffic

Align your website copy with search intent in mind

Think carefully about your website and how it is laid out. Are the descriptions and titles going to catch the attention of visitors? Do they answer visitors’ questions or fill a need they might have?

If you sell hiking tours in Oregon, does your website contain the words “Oregon” or “how to book a hiking tour” on the home page? Ensuring your website includes keywords or answers to common questions helps the algorithm better find and pull you closer to the top of search results.

Optimize your website’s loading times

We have all experienced a website that took too long to load. Maybe we’d hit refresh to see if it would take less time, but if it took longer, we moved onto another website. 

The size of your images and videos could be slowing down your site. Optimize your images to decrease loading times so visitors stay on your website for longer.

Focus only on using reputable and authoritative backlinks

Include links to reputable and trusted sources in places like your social posts, in the FAQ section of your site, or sprinkled throughout your blogs and help articles. The links you provide your customers should be informative and useful to them. It may seem counterintuitive to send people away from your website, but in the long run, it will pay off since you are building trust and strengthening your reputation among visitors and search engines.

Serious about driving traffic? Is your site optimized for speed, and mobile-friendly? If you are looking for help with driving traffic and conversions talk to the experts at Cight Solutions to help you find the solutions you need. Contact us today to discuss how we can help improve your search ranking.

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