If Bend, Oregon, is on the shortlist of places you and your family would like to visit or if you already call Bend home, then this information will be perfect for you! Bend offers a multitude of exciting ways for families to spend their time together when they find themselves with some spare time during autumn. Here are just a few things the city has to offer.   

Bend River Promenade has a beautiful, paved walking trail that runs along the Deschutes River. This is probably the most famous attraction because it offers spectacular views of the river and is an excellent place for people to come together with their family or friends to relax and enjoy Bend’s beauty.    

It’s not too late to shop locally. The Bend Famers Market continues through October 13, for the 2021 season. Get outside with your family and furry friends to experience the friendly people, artisanal goods, and local agriculture.   

Shop, dine, and enjoy the outdoors at Bend’s Old Mill District. Families can enjoy concerts, riverside restaurants, and beautiful scenery in one place. If you plan to travel this fall, then make sure to stop by Old Mill District and enjoy the festivities!    

Suppose shopping and dining are not your thing, but Bend’s beauty still is. In that case, Bend Park and Recreation is the perfect place for you—they offer a wide variety of activities that families can enjoy together, such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, and exploring the great outdoors. Bend has plenty of trails that will take your family through beautiful forests and vast wildernesses—and there’s nothing like Bend’s scenery to inspire and warm your family during the season’s change in the pacific northwest.  

Looking for an experience only Bend can offer? Whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert photographer, Bend Photo Tours offers photography experiences around the great outdoors in Central Oregon by professional photographers. You’ll leave with memories and evidence of your adventures in the pacific northwest.

No matter the time of year, Bend is beautiful with plenty to do with your family, but we are partial because it is our home, that fall time is the best time to experience the area and get outdoors to enjoy the crisp fresh air of seasons changing. 

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