Your website is the digital front door to your business. Studies have shown you have 8 seconds to influence your visitors. It’s important to make a good first impression, and doing so means eliminating common website issues that turn customers away.

Three issues that can be easily fixed and overcome with some help from a professional are:

  • Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Creating a positive customer experience.
  • Maximizing site speed.

Read on to learn a little more about identifying and fixing these common issues


Website Design Mobile

Mobile-Friendly Website

Over 50% of website traffic is conducted via mobile devices, which can be easily navigated and viewed on any cell and tablet. A mobile-friendly site will rank higher in SEO rankings and, in turn, will bring in more web traffic. Click here to use a Google tool to gauge if your site is mobile-friendly.

Customers are five times more likely to shop with a competitor if your website is not mobile-friendly. Having a fast and responsive website is the first step to fixing common website issues.

Meeting some challenges making your site mobile-friendly? We can help! The most effective way to ensure mobile optimization is to use a responsive website design, meaning your site will display correctly on any size screen and operating system.


User Experience

The next common website issue to address is to look for ways to improve your customer’s experience. Providing live support, simple contact forms, and allowing your customers to book appointments are a few ways to create a positive customer experience and make the right impression on visitors to your site.

Improve your customers’ experience by conveniently providing for them what they’re looking for in the first place, grabbing their attention, and leading them to a clear call to action.

Another consideration is understanding that the fewer issues your website has, the better the user experience will be. You will be more likely to convert new leads and keep potential buyers engaged.

Unfortunately, broken links happen to common sites all the time. Around 35% of sites have broken internal links, and 25% have broken external links, which dictates a low-quality perception from users of the brand and products. Broken links also negatively affect Google rankings, making it hard for customers to find you and then frustrated when they click a link and receive an error ‘404’ missing page message. Again, each of these roadblocks lowers trust in the brand and potentially loses a purchase.

With assistance from our team, you can start improving your website and creating a positive user experience today!


Site Speed

Slow loading times can hinder your success on so many levels, from high bounce rates and low conversion rates, all the way to reduced likeliness to purchase (by as much as 35%) and poor brand perception. Every millisecond counts to a customer when navigating your site.

Over 80% of sites have issues hindering their site speed – we have the tools to help! One of our professionals can help improve page load speeds in several ways, such as by compressing all your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript documents and setting up CSS and JavaScript in external files. Optimizing the back end of your website so that it will load faster will eliminate one of the most common web issues and help users navigate efficiently.

Our goal for you is a website that loads in 2 seconds or less for visitors to stay on your site and convert into purchasing customers!


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