According to Small Business Chron, the goal of brand guidelines is to protect the strength of your brand so that it continues to create value for your company. Brand guidelines achieve this by explaining the importance of your brand and describing how to use the elements, such as corporate identity and name. Your guidelines should provide a comprehensive manual for anyone who uses your identity and its components in their work, including employees, partners, designers, and marketing agencies.


Brand Identity

Branding your company is like outfitting a superhero – putting the red cape on Superman or the American shield on Captain America. You see them, quickly identify them and describe who they are. You know their story and their superpower. And while each superhero is alike in the fact that they have some superhuman power, the top two comic brands, Marvel and DC Comics, have distinctly branded themselves as unique groups of characters. Their plots are different; how their interactions weave in their storylines and how we, as regular humans, relate to them feel different from one organization of characters to the next. 

Your identity is essential for your consumers to recognize who you are, what your superpowers are, but also for your employees – your superheroes – to understand how to complete your company’s mission – vision – and core values. 



The solutions you offer your customers are your superpower, but how your brand is displayed, reviewed, and identified could be your kryptonite.

Avoid this destruction by creating written brand guidelines that cover the look and aesthetic of your business and how your voice communicates to your community, clients, and potential consumers. 

Cight Solutions can help you unlock precisely the look, feel, and reputation you want to achieve by customizing brand guidelines for your business. So, where do you start? Let us help you evaluate your brand identity and reputationLet’s chat to set you up with one of our superheroes to add their power to your strengths and help you achieve greatness!  

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