Web design is constantly evolving. With the advancements in technology, web design is getting incredibly creative and interactive. Many elements go into designing and crafting a website. It’s a balance of being unique and grabbing the viewers’ attention while still keeping functionality and clutter-free. We’ve seen web platforms like WordPress and Squarespace make easy-to-use templates to update and present your brand in a way that is cost-effective, time-effective, and can often be maintained in house. 

Our priority is to understand your needs and how agile you are in creating, building, and maintaining a functional yet well-designed website. Whether you need assistance just to get started or have the need for a fully integrated team for your website, we want to be a part of your process. No matter what, we understand you are the expert of your brand, and most importantly, your consumers, so here are a few website trends to add some tools to your web toolbox: 


Oversized Web Elements 

Using oversized elements, such as text, images, or videos, are a great way to direct attention while not overwhelming the user with too many words and copy. It communicates your message clearly and instantaneously. Keeping elements large also look great across all screen sizes. 


High Contrast  

Creating high-contrast using bold colors is a great way to grab your user’s attention immediately. It is important to balance bright colors with neutral whites, grays, and blacks. Use these colors to direct the user’s attention to the essential parts of your content. 


White Space 

We have seen this trend for a while in web design, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Creating lots of space around the content you want the user to focus on helps keep the audience’s attention where you want it. Just because there is space for more content does not mean you need to fill it with more content. 


Motion and Interactivity 

Video and animations are not new on the web, but we see a growing use of these elements to help brands express their message. From video headers to scrolling text and small animations when hovering over objects – interactivity and movement are important when trying to keep your audience’s attention. 


Scalable Vector Graphics 

All modern browsers now provide SVG support. It’s easier than ever to provide fast, scalable vector graphics and animations. SVG can be easily manipulated on the web – making them dynamic graphics that help make your website more user-friendly [LINK: ]. Like most creative work, web design is somewhat of a craft. Many good sites provide services to help, but we recommend working with an expert designer to at least get you started on the right foot–our team is here to help you bring your brand and vision to life.  Get your complimentary digital report card, or click on our chat option to connect with us now! 

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