E-commerce purchases have increased by over 45% in the last two years. Thanks to stay-at-home orders because of COVID and navigating a new way of life, the estimated percentage of business transactions online is only going to increase and (likely) will you customer reviews.

Brick-and-mortar businesses such as Home Depot pivoted their business strategy to create the #1 mobile app experience by providing customers an excellent experience online. They utilize tools to encourage online shoppers to feel comfortable stepping foot inside a physical location. One of their top strategies includes offering 360-degree reviews of products. 93% of shoppers say they’ve used online resources (search, video, apps), and 83% of U.S. shoppers who visited a store said they used online search before shopping in-person.  

There are no boundaries in the global e-commerce economy, making products available that sometimes are not what they seem. Consumers rely on recommendations and reviews to guide purchases and ensure their dollars are well spent. Here are four ways to use your customer reviews for marketing purposes:  


1. Highlighting current and relevant reviews

Using current and relevant reviews in your regular communication helps create connections and establish trust. An example of a review worthy of highlighting is from Krissy Hiteshew, who rated her experience with Cight Solutions as Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness. Because she took the time and energy to write a review, it is valuable content to share with others.


2. Share on social media

Highlighting others’ experiences helps build audience trust. Per social media best practices, keep the messaging concise and use visuals such as pictures, short tutorials, or videos. Thanking customers on your social platforms helps show you appreciate customer feedback and qualify your excellent customer service.


3. Add to your website

E-commerce sites built through our Website Pro tool can include a widget to prompt reviews on your home landing page. Adding updated reviews keeps content fresh, increasing the chance of your web page appearing favorably in search engine results. The increase in on-page text with each additional review increases web page value for search engines like Google. 


4. Create case studies, marketing collateral, and digital ads

A customer review is like a personal recommendation; 88% of consumers trust online reviews and using them while showcasing your business adds credibility for your customers.  

Cultivating a culture where “all feedback is welcome” not only gives you valuable insight into consumer behaviors and experiences. Even if not favorable, reviews can also provide solutions to challenges and help you evaluate the best products and services that will meet the needs of your target customers. Word of mouth is an essential selling tactic, and having reviews to share will help “spread the word” and positively impact your reputation management.

The Cight Solutions Contender Center allows you manage your company’s reputation, social media, website, Google Business, listings and more all from one location, contact us today to learn more!

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