You have your new business Instagram and Facebook accounts. Now what? Maybe you’re wondering: How will people find me? What should I post? How much time should I spend online?

In today’s influencer culture, it can be easy to believe that becoming Instafamous should happen instantaneously. The digital strategy key to sustainable growth is consistency, consistency, consistency. Showing up every day to “open your business doors” online is vital to getting in front of your audience regularly and growing your following.

Here are three tips for creating a digital presence on two popular social media platforms. Think of social media as the window display of your business, and chances are, people are checking it out before checking you out.

How will people find me?


The Law of Magnetism says that we attract people who share a few of our core characteristics. Who you are, sets you apart—post about you, your passion for the business, your vision, and core values. Find ways to weave your stories and your community into your posts to attract others who share similar values.


What should I post?

Because Facebook and Instagram algorithms change frequently, the best strategy is to be consistent. If you only post when you have a sale or get excited about a new product, your following may have to reacquaint themselves to you and look farther back than they’re willing to remember who you are and what you offer. Digital marketing is relational marketing, even if you never meet in person. Social media allows you to share more than just your product, but the stories that make you…you, and your business better than the rest. These platforms also lend themselves to be, well, social. If your posts are engaging, ask questions that elicit responses from followers, your customer service opportunities will increase, as well as your algorithm ranking to make sure your posts show up in more followers’ feeds.

Here’s a sample weekly posting schedule to help you relationally connect to your audience:

MondayPersonal Post: Share who you are, why you started your business, what personal problems you solved by offering the products or services you offer.

TuesdayCommunity Post: Share stories of how you’re involved in your community and/or stories of your customers in your community.

WednesdayBusiness Post: Preview upcoming sales, promotions or new client offers. Make it easy for new followers or customers to find you and learn more!

ThursdayWhy Post: Share the why behind what you do to connect with your followers who have common problems they’re looking to solve, core values, and life experiences.

FridayWho Post: Share who you are, and as you grow your team, who they are! People connect to other humans.

SaturdayProduct/Service Highlight Post: Share a product or service you offer, providing the follower, and hopefully potential customer, why this product/service is a solution to a problem.

SundayHow-To Post: Share the tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way, or how to get the best use out of one of your products. It’s ok to “give away” trade secrets- It endears followers to you.

The more you can relate to your audience relationally, the warmer the audience is to purchase when promoting products or sales.


How much time should I spend online?

Suppose you’re like most small or medium business owners. In that case, your sole job is not digital marketing or social media management, so justifying spending any income-producing hours online may seem counterintuitive. Using the weekly template above, plan your posts a week or month at a time, then block some time to engage your followers. You would never ignore a customer standing at your service desk asking questions about your products or services; the same should be true for followers who engage your posts. Respond to each comment and direct message that comes your way. Most of the time, the response will suffice the question asked, and other times it will lead to a conversation. Transition, or end the conversation naturally, just as you would if they were chatting with you in person.

Bottom line: be authentic and be you. People want to connect to who you are at your core – it’s what makes you stand out and why your products or services are better than the rest. When your social posts sound like you, the real you, then those drawn to you will find that connection online just as well as your customers in person.

Cool, see you later

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